Wu Mengyuan was born in Fujian in 1997. She’s a photographer and an university student in Hebei Normal University majors in Film and Television in the School of Journalism and Communication. Her works focus on time, memory, self-cognition and family relationship. Her film and television works have been selected in Student Film Festivals in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou while her photography works have been selected in Pingyao Photo Festival, the Zhongnan Mountain Echoed group exhibition and Jimei Arles international photo festival.

Falling // 2018

This series tries to conceptualize the image of traditional Chinese Landscape: in everyday life, the quilt functions as a container absorbing and storing the bodies memory. Our senses as the channel of the creation of memory, brings the landscape originally viewed as the other closer to our body and emotion. The method of collage acts as a way of communication, conveying Mengyuan personal reflection on the images. The aim of creation in the chaos of image and situation is to continue experimenting with an alternative expression as well as another possibility of looking.

Falling // 2018 – I

Falling // 2018 – II

Falling // 2018 – III

Falling // 2018 – IV

Falling // 2018 – V

Falling // 2018 – VI

Falling // 2018 – VII

Falling // 2018 – VIII